Grand Master Memorials

The final resting places of the deceased Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Canada are located in cemeteries throughout Ontario and Quebec. One of the projects of the Library, Museum and Archives Committee is locating the graves, so they can be commemorated in a suitable fashion.

Jurisdiction of the Current Grand Lodge of Quebec

William Benjamin Simpson: 1818-1883; G.M. 1864-66; died and buried in Coteau Landing, Quebec.

Lt Col Alexander Allan Stevenson: 1829-1910; G.M. 1868-1870; died in Montreal and buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec.

Jurisdiction of the Current Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario

1: North-North West & North-North East: (Includes: Algoma, Algoma E, Western, Temiskaming, Nipissing E, Sudbury-Manitoulin)

William Lockridge Wright: 1904 – 1989; G.M. 1955-1957; died in Sault Ste. Marie, buried in West Korah Cemetery, Sault Ste Marie, gravestone shows his career as Bishop but no Masonic designation.

2: North-East: (Includes: Ottawa 1 & 2, Eastern)

William R White: 1843-1925; G.M. 1894-1896; died in Pembroke, buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery, Pembroke, gravestone has Grand Master’s jewel engraved.

James H Burritt: 1846-1926; G.M. 1905-1907; died in Pembroke, buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery, Pembroke, no Masonic designation.

Sidney Albert Luke: 1862-1918; G.M. in 1915-1917; died in Ottawa; buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, section 40, plot 143; the grave is marked by a large grey grave stone, listing several family members, but M.W. Bro. Luke’s Masonic affiliation is not engraved on the stone.

John Alexander Dobbie: 1874-1945; G.M. 1939-1941; died in Ottawa.

Clarence McLeod Pitts: 1894-1965; G.M. 1959-1961; died in Ottawa, buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa; grave stone does not indicate any Masonic affiliation.

Howard Olin Polk: G.M. 1981-1982; died in Ottawa age 87, buried in cremation – urn garden S.W. corner of Pinecrest Cemetery, Section 6G, location # 1696A; plaque includes name, square and compasses, years as Grand Master.

3: South-East: (Includes: Prince Edward, St Lawrence, and Frontenac)

Thomas Douglas Harington: 1808-1882; G.M. 1860-64; died in Prescott; buried at Blue Church Cemetery, Prescott – red granite monument erected in 1942 by Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, located in east side of cemetery, square and compasses, and years as Grand Master carved on headstone.

James Alexander Henderson: 1807-1890; G.M. 1879-81; died in Kingston, buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, M184, # 10628, no Masonic designation.

Richard T Walkem: 1840-1906; G.M. 1888-1890; buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, 47N, #6659 no Masonic designation.

William Nesbitt Ponton: 1855-1959; G.M. 1921-1923; died in Belleville, buried in Belleville Cemetery Section O, near the Bay of Quinte; gravestone shows his military affiliation as Lieutenant Colonel, but not his Masonic affiliation.

Walter Stevens Herrington: 1860-1947; G.M. 1931-1933; died in Napanee, buried from Mary Magdalene Church, grave in Riverside Cemetery, Napanee, gravestone has no information except the family name, no Masonic designation.

4: North Central: (Includes: Georgian N & S, Muskoka Parry Sound, Victoria, and Peterborough, Ontario)

William Henry Weller: 1824-1881; G.M. 1877-79; died in Coburg; buried in Section A, St Peter’s Cemetery, Ontario St, Coburg; grave is clearly marked with his name and dates, but no Masonic affiliation is carved into headstone.

Henry Robertson: 1840-1923; G.M. 1886-1888; died in Collingwood, buried in Trinity Church Cemetery, Collingwood, gravestone has engraved depiction of Grand Master’s collar.

Daniel Fraser MacWatt: 1853-1920; G.M. 1909-1911; died in Barrie.

Aubrey White: 1845-1915; G.M. 1911-1913; died from a stroke suffered at the family cottage on Chief Island, Lake Muskoka; buried in Bracebridge, St Thomas’ Anglican Church Cemetery; gravestone has square and compasses, no Grand Master inscription.

William Thompson Anderson: G.M. 1997-1998; died at age 67, buried in Barrie Cemetery.

John Alexander McRae: 1890-1960; G.M. 1941-43; died in Kingston, buried in Beaverton Stone Church Cemetery, no Masonic designation on headstone.

5: Toronto: (Includes: Toronto 1-7 inclusive)

James Kirkpatrick Kerr: 1841-1916; G.M. 1875-77; died in Toronto, buried St. James Cemetery.

John Ross Robertson: 1841-1918; G.M. 1890-1892; died in Toronto, buried in Toronto at the Necropolis and Crematorium.

Elis Talbot Malone: 1854-1934; G.M. 1898-1900; died in Toronto; buried in St James Cemetery, Toronto.

Benjamin Allen: 1854-1920; G.M. 1904-1905; died in Toronto.

William David McPherson: 1863-1929; G.M. 1913-1915; died in Toronto.

Frederick Weir Harcourt: 1854-1932; G.M. 1919-1921; died in Toronto.

William Kirk Bailly: 1904 – 1991; G.M. 1971-1973; died in Toronto, member of Stirling Lodge No 69, buried in Mount Nebo Cemetery, Springbrook.

John Albert Rowland: 1875-1942; G.M. 1925-1927; died in Toronto; funeral Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

Roderick Bernard Dargavel: 1875-1952; G.M. 1929-1931; died in Toronto, buried from High Park United Church.

Alexander James Anderson: 1863-1946; G.M. 1935-1937; died in Toronto.

William James Dunlop: 1881-1961; G.M. 1937-1939; died in Toronto, buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

Charles Stanton Hamilton: 1884-1960; G.M. 1945-1947; died in Toronto, funeral St. George’s United Church, buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

James Patterson Maher: 1890-1961; G.M. 1949-1951; died in Toronto, funeral St. Michael’s and All Angels Church.

Joseph Alonzo Hearnes: 1895-1968; G.M. 1953-1955; died in Toronto, buried in Toronto or Port Credit.

Harry Laishly Martyn: 1896-1976; G.M. 1957-1959; died in Toronto.

Lou Copeland: G.M. 1985-1986; died at age 73, Toronto.

Donald Jamieson Gunn: 1897-1972; G.M. 1967-1969; died in Toronto, buried in Park Lawn Cemetery, 2845 Bloor St. West, Toronto, entrance off Prince Edward Drive, Section X, Lot 128.

David Crowe Bradley: G.M. 1989-1990 “It is with the deepest regret and profound sympathy of great loss that I notify you of the death of our Past Grand Master M.W. Bro. David Crowe Bradley (Grand Master, 1989 – 1991) on Saturday, January 19, 2013, at St. Joseph’s Health Care Centre. Visitation will be held on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at Noon, Service at 1:00 p.m. at Morrison Funeral Home and Chapel, 467 Sherbourne Street (South of Wellesley) Toronto. ON.” The location of the grave is to be determined.

6: Hamilton: (Includes: Hamilton A, B, C)

Hugh Murray: 1843-1903; G.M. 1884-86; died in Hamilton; Mother Lodge – Acacia no 61, Hamilton; buried in Hamilton Cemetery, 777 York Blvd.

Sir John Morison Gibson: 1842-1929; G.M. 1892-1894; Mother Lodge – Lodge of Strict Observance, Hamilton; died in Hamilton.

John Elly Harding: 1840-1925; G.M. 1901-1904; Mother Lodge – St John’s No. 73, Hamilton; died in Hamilton.

Augusta Topland Freed: 1835-1924; G.M. 1907-1909; Mother Lodge – Independence Lodge No. 185, New York; died in Hamilton.

William Hugh Wardrope: G.M. 1917-1919; died in Hamilton; Mother Lodge – Acacia Lodge, Toronto; buried in Hamilton from Melrose United Church.

Thomas Hamilton Simpson: 1891-1969; G.M. 1947-1949; Mother Lodge – Acacia Lodge no 61, Hamilton; died in Hamilton, buried in Hamilton Cemetery, 777 York Blvd.

Russell William Treleavan: 1891-1969; G.M. 1961-1962; Mother Lodge – Acacia Lodge no 61, Hamilton; died in Stoney Creek.

Eric William Nancekivell: 1916-2001; G.M. 1975-1977; Mother Lodge – Hillcrest Lodge no 594; died in Hamilton.

Norman Edward Byrne: G.M. 1991-1992; Mother Lodge – University Lodge no 496; died at age 79, Ancaster.

7: Niagara & Brant: (Includes: Niagara A & B, Brant)

James Seymour: 1825-1888; G.M. 1871-72; died in St. Catharines; buried in Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St. Catharines, no Masonic designation on gravestone.

William Gibson: 1849-1914; G.M. 1896-1898; died in Beamsville, but buried somewhere in Scotland, location to be determined, Grand Lodge of Scotland has been asked to assist, no response as of August 21, 2013. There is also some thought that he was buried in Ontario, still to be determined.

William John Drope: 1866-1927; G.M. 1923-1925; buried in Old Grimsby Cemetery, designation and years as Grand Master shown on gravestone.

James Noble Allen: 1894-1992; G.M. 1965-1966; died in Dunnville, buried in Riverside Cemetery, Hwy # 3, Dunnville, Haldimand County; role as Grand Master shown on gravestone.

8: North-West Central: (Includes: Bruce, Grey, and North & South Huron Durward Ivan

Greenwood: G.M. 1995-1996; died July 2008; Grand Valley.

9: West Central: (Includes: Waterloo, Wellington, Wilson N & S)

William Mercer Wilson: 1813-1875; G.M. 1835-59, 60-66, 72-75; died in Simcoe; buried in St. John’s Church Cemetery, Woodhouse Norfolk County, role as Grand Master shown on gravestone.

John Strickler Martin: 1875-1942; G.M. 1927-1929; died in Port Dover, buried in Port Dover Cemetery.

Timothy Clark Wardley: 1893-1947; G.M. 1943-1945; died in Elora.

Norval Richard Richards: 1916; G.M. 1979-1981; died Sept 2008, member of Dublin St. United Church, Guelph.

10: West: (Includes: London E & W, Sarnia)

James Moffat: 1811-1894; G.M. 1881-82; died in London, buried in Oakland Cemetery, gravestone has square and compasses, plus his role as Grand Master Daniel Spry: 1835-1897; G.M. 1882-84; died in London, buried in Barrie.

Richard Beecher Hungerford: 1846-1901; G.M. 1900-1901; died in office in London; buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, London, gravestone notes his role as Grand Master.

Frank Armitage Copus: 1879-1960; G.M. 1933-1934; died in Stratford, buried Stratford Mausoleum.

Nelson Collins Hart: 1888-1959; G.M. 1951-1953; died in London, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, gravestone has no Masonic carvings.

John Alfred Irvine: Born 1912; G.M. 1963-1965; died in London/Lambeth, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, gravestone has no Masonic engraving, BUT in the summer of 2010, the local Lodge dedicated a marker at the grave site commemorating his role as Grand Master.

Robert James McKibbon: G.M. 1999-2000; died at age 65, buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, London, grave marker has Masonic square and compasses, plus crest of United Church of Canada.

11: South West: (Includes: St Thomas, Chatham, Windsor, and Erie)

Bruce Brown Foster: 1906 – 1992; G.M. 1969-1971; died in Ridgetown, buried in Ridgetown cemetery; while the gravestone does have a square and compasses, the family has asked Grand Lodge to assist in upgrading the site to include his role as Grand Master.

George Edward Turner: 1906 – 1986; G.M. 1973-1975; died in Windsor, buried in the local mausoleum in Windsor Grove Cemetery, Windsor, his stone has Masonic square and compasses.


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