Masonic Treasures

Historic and irreplaceable Masonic artifacts, documents, and photos reflect our Masonic heritage throughout the Grand Jurisdiction of Ontario.

Masonic Box

Decorated with Ancient Masonic symbols, this wooden box is of American origin. It was once the property of Worshipful Brother Robert E Story, Worshipful Master in 1941 of Grenville Lodge No.629, Toronto. Tradition holds that he used it to contain his Masonic regalia. The box was donated to the Grand Lodge Collection in 2010, by Worshipful Brother John Purchase of Muskoka Lodge No.360, Bracebridge.

Masonic Box
(Collection of the Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario)

Trestle Board 1839

St Francis Lodge No.24, was originally established in October, 1839 under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

Trestle Board 1839
(St. Francis Masonic Lodge No. 24, Smith’s Falls Ontario)

War of 1812 Medal

Most historians are unaware of the key role played by Native warriors in the War of 1812, and that many of them were Masons.

Brother and Mohawk Chief John Norton, Teyoninhokarawen, was the adopted son of Brother and Chief Joseph Brant. When Brother Brant passed to The Grand Lodge Above in 1807, Brother Norton inherited his chieftainship. During the War of 1812, Brother Norton led detachments of Six Nations of Iroquois warriors from the Grand River in almost every major battle. This silver medal was presented to him in 1814 “as a token of remembrance” for his military contributions, by Merchant’s Lodge No.40 from Quebec City.

Chief John Norton
(Painting: Chief Norton in 1807: Beaverbrook Collection of War Art, Canadian War Museum, AN# 19950096-001)

Silver Masonic Medal
(Silver Masonic Medal: Haldimand County Museums, Edinburgh Square, Caledonia, Ontario)

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