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The Library provides access to over 9,000 items held within its collections. While the main part of these items are printed materials (books and magazines), they also include sound and video recordings in various formats (DVD, CD-ROM, VHS, etc.).

If you wish to borrow books from the library, you must be registered as a Patron. Otherwise, feel free to search all you want.

These instructions are for Searching the Catalogue. No need to login.


1.  from the Keyword drop down menu, select Keyword, Title, Author, or Subject
2.  enter text (top left) you’re looking for in the Search box,  press Search, and scroll down to your list
(you can add Search criteria with the + sign on the right side – using another Keyword, Title, etc)
3.  you can add multiple items with Add to Book Bin and you’ll get the confirmation “Item successfully added to your book bin” for each, then select OK
4.  scroll to top, select Book Bin,
5.  you can Print for your records,
6.  Selecting Email will present you with “Send Book Bin Items Via Email”
     a) Enter your email address in From (It must be your email when you registered)
     b) Enter the email address of the Library in To, i.e.
     c) Enter a Message if you want us to Hold For Pickup.

If you have trouble finding what you want, give us a shout at our email.


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